Our Dreams

The Trinity United Methodist Church building is a key component of revitalization efforts in the historic River Bend Neighborhood. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was designed by Proudfoot, Bird, and Rawson, predecessors of the current firm of Brooks, Borg, and Skiles. The sanctuary with stained glass dome and historic pews is beautifully restored, but the remainder of the building is worn out and woefully inadequate for current programs.

Immediate needs include money to complete the kitchen renovation project that is currently underway. Serious water and moisture problems requiring major infrastructure repairs were discovered. Next steps will be to renovate and furnish the dining room/multipurpose room and update bathrooms, classrooms and meeting spaces. Because every square inch of the building is now being used for programming, additional space will be sought to expand the building beyond current boundaries.

The building plays a unique role as a place where people with needs and people with means, people with insecurities and people with power, meet to share what they have. It stands out in a neighborhood where over 100 languages are spoken and urban blight is obvious. Yet in the church with the red doors, hope springs eternal because lives have been renovated. Now a renovation of the building is required.

Trinity has much to offer the community but needs the community’s help to maintain its building. The Cornerstone Historical Project at 8th and College aims, with your help, to restore the building to allow the continuation of pivotal community programs. It’s not about a perfect paint job on the famous red doors; it’s about cultivating hope and making progress in a community engulfed in struggle.

It is with ambitious enthusiasm that you are asked to help complete the Cornerstone Historical Project at 8th & College to ensure 100 more years of service to the neighborhood. Maybe you have been one of the people touched by the services provided; maybe you have been enriched by serving others in this unique place or maybe you are looking for ways to effect major change in the community with programs that are already established and proven. No matter your motivation, your support is urgently needed.

Renovation goals include:

Expansion goals include: